Redesign of HMS - Horizon Marine Surveys


My latest project / 2018 is a whole redesign of a working web site. My client wanted to reorganize and optimize the structure of the site, new logo design, Search Engine Optimization and original nautical feeling.

The site is hosted on Weebly - a platform for websites for small business owners. As my client was happy and familiar with the hosting we decided to continue using it.

HMS Icon Anchor


After a careful analysis of Google Analytics the web site was optimized for mobile use. The elements of the site were placed strategically so the user can navigate easily and find the needed information in a quick and satisfying way.

The desktop version was also reorganized to reflect the User patterns of navigating through the website in search of information.

HMS website mobile version


The web site on site SEO was carefully executed in order to improve the user experience. The site structure, imagery and unique text are part of the strategy for better organic placement in the search engines result pages.

The off site SEO includes social network presence and connection with important web sites in the Marine world.

HMS Icon Compass

Logo redesign

The old version of the logo did not include an important part of the business - canal and narrow boats. The new design incorporates both sides of the business in a fluid nautical form. The feeling is modern and clean.

HMS logo old design HMS old logo
HMS logo first version of the design HMS version of the logo
HMS logo second version HMS version of the logo
HMS new Logo HMS the new logo

Website color scheme and graphic assets

A set of icons and other graphics were created to suite the new color scheme and nautical direction of the website.

HMS Icons design Icons design
HMS color scheme Color scheme
Map of the world Map of the world

Designed as a non-profit project for Altamira LLC, USA. The project includes graphics, web design and implementation in HTML and CSS. The web site uses Drupal content managment framework: www.mn-am.com

Chem tubes
Marketing Automation Infographic
marketing automation infographic
vector-graphic-Beagle dog
tree frog
vector-graphic-Fat cat
fat cat